1998 BST Scientific Pte Ltd formed in Singapore. BST Scientific represents Invitrogen, Fermentas, Novagen and Operon.
2002 1st BASE Pte Ltd formed in Singapore to start manufacturing custom oligonucleotides.
2003 First BASE Laboratories Sdn Bhd formed in Malaysia to start providing DNA sequencing services.
2005 1st BASE and First BASE Laboratories receives VC investment and is spun out as a separate entity.
2006 vCell Science Pte Ltd formed to distribute up and coming and value life science brands in Singapore.
2007 SCITIFIC Pte Ltd formed to act as parent company to BST Scientific and vCell Science.
2008 PT Genetika Science formed to distribute life science and biomedical science products in Indonesia.
2008 Axon Scientific Sdn Bhd formed to distribute life sciences products in Malaysia.
2013 Axil Scientific Pte Ltd was formed with the merger of 1st BASE and BST Scientific to maximize our manufacturing and distribution capabilities in Singapore.
2018 Apical Scientific Pte Ltd was formed with the integration of Axon Scientific Sdn. Bhd. and First BASE Laboratories Sdn. Bhd. allowing us to leverage on the respective strength of each company to provide a more comprehensive range of products and services under one roof for the researchers in Malaysia and Asia Pacific regions.