Our Story

Our story began in 1998 with the establishment of BST Scientific Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. BST Scientific grew rapidly to serve the life sciences research community through a mixture of technical excellence and dedicated customer focus. We differentiate ourselves from other distributors by concentrating only in the life science market, and with it came an in-depth knowledge of the local market conditions and needs.

In 2002, we decided to venture into manufacturing. A manufacturing division was spun off to become 1st BASE Pte Ltd, one of the few local manufacturer and service provider to the research community in the ASEAN region. 1st BASE specialized in the provision of high throughput custom products and services in Life Sciences, which includes DNA Sequencing, Peptide Synthesis, Custom Antibody Production, Proteomics Services and Ready-to-Use Buffers and Biochemicals. We rapidly expanded 1st BASE to become Singapore’s top 2 service providers, and gained presence in the region through the successful partnerships with our distributors. Our winning formula depended on our invaluable spectrum of experience: Sales Distribution to Manufacturing and then to Channel Management. In 2003, our manufacturing facilities were expanded to Malaysia as First BASE Laboratories Sdn Bhd.

In 2008, two sister companies were formed to enhance our coverage in the region. Axon Scientific Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur was established to serve the Malaysian market. PT Genetika Science Indonesia in Jakarta was established to serve the Indonesian market. Backed by the experience of SCITIFIC’s management, our core values and winning formulae will again be cascaded down to each of our operational teams. We see good opportunities in the developing markets in these countries and expect our next spurt of growth to emerge from here.

In 2013, Axil Scientific Pte Ltd was formed after the merger of 1st BASE Pte Ltd and BST Scientific Pte Ltd. We have served the life sciences research market in Singapore with our distinctive culture – Strong Technical Support, Responsive and Reliable Customer Care, and Rapid Turnaround Time. By focusing on Life Sciences, we have gone full circle with our experience in Sales, Distribution, Manufacturing and Sales Channel Management. Our energetic team of dynamic individuals at Axil Scientific continuously innovates and is well-paced to evolve with the vibrant life science research industry today.
Our customers will now have a more comprehensive range of research products and customized services made available to them in Singapore.

In 2018, Apical Scientific Sdn Bhd was formed with the integration of Axon Scientific Sdn. Bhd. and First BASE Laboratories Sdn. Bhd. The integration of the two companies allows us to leverage on the respective strength of each company to provide a more comprehensive range of products and services under one roof for the researchers in Malaysia and Asia Pacific regions.
Our products and services are geared towards giving our customers conveniences, allowing them to focus on the core issues of their research.

The tight synergy and complementary nature between these companies enable the SCITIFIC Group to become a nimble, fast expanding and dynamic corporation.